8 thoughts on “Draper Temple”

  1. That’s so sharp! 1/10 exp is that right? @ iso400?
    I’m very impressed!
    I’m saving pennies to get a D90, based on this shot I think that’s a good decision, tI imagine you would recommend the 18-200mm as a good lens to buy as well right?
    Did you have to "de noise" the image at all?

  2. sumoetx

    Yes, I used a little bit of noise reduction in Lightroom and that was it.
    It was a D80 w/ the 18-200VR. I would personally say that the 18-200VR is a must for ALL D90 or D90 owners.

    Yes it was at 1/10 and it was a hand held shot. Tricks… wrap your sling around you hard creating tension, take a burst of shots and turn on VR.

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