Elder n8 &Brother Sexton @ Highland Home House

Elder n8 &Brother Sexton @ Highland Home House
LDS Temple
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Brother Sexton was a member of the Highland Home branch. He’d go out on {splits | team-ups | exchanges } with us regularly. He had a Nissan 240sx in Crimson and a small pickup truck also Crimson. One of his dogs was named "Brandy Wine".

When we rode in his Nissan he would put on some leather driving gloves and we’d listen to either the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or the University of Alabama’s Million Doller Marching Band (that’s "classical" right?).

Brother Sexton also drove us up to Birmingham for the dedication of the Birmingham, Alabama Temple. He and his wife were ushers at the dedication ceremonies so we would have to go to all four sessions of the dedication while we waited for them to finish their assignments.

The first session was around 8 in the morning so they needed to be there around 7. The Birmingham Temple is about a 3-hour drive from the Sextons’ home so we needed to leave around 4 AM. Elder Phelps and I showed up around 3 AM and the house was dark.

Knocking on the door didn’t seem to rouse anbody. Luckily, Bro. Sexton’s step-daughter was still up doing who-knows-what on the Internet. So we made some ruckus outside her room and then knocked on the door again. She came to the door and we explained what we were doing and she said she’d wake up Bro. and Sis. Sexton.

She walked back where their room was and all we heard was, "DOGGON!!" and then it sounded like someone fell out of bed but we can’t be sure. It all worked out because I had forgotten my ticket to the dedication, so they got ready while we drove back to our little house to get it.

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