The Temple and the Tower

The Temple and the Tower
LDS Temple
Image by YST (aka kryptos5)
It wasn’t until recently that I discovered this spectacular spot close to Tokyo Tower. It is within walking distance from JR Hamamatsucho station, and the Daimon station of Tokyo Metro. When I came here a few days before the new year, tents were set up so I gave up on getting this shot. Determined to give it a try, I came back to the place last weekend. Didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. While Tokyo Tower was brightly lit, the temple was just too dark.

Zojo-ji, 増上寺
This photo was shot in front of Koushouden(光摂殿), one of the buildings in the compound of Zojo-ji(増上寺). Initially, I came here to shoot the main building. Unfortunately, tents were being set up in front of the building in preparation for the New Year. So I guess I’ll just drop by another time.

Zojo-ji was founded in 1391 during the Muromachi period. Tokugawa Ieyasu later moved the temple from Chiyoda to Hibiya, and then to its present location in Minato, Tokyo in 1590, when it became the Tokugawa family temple. The temple houses the graves of six Tokugawa shoguns, and the crest of the Tokugawa family decorates the temples till this day.

17mm, f/18, 30, ISO 100

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  1. Omg!!Night time it is even better!!!
    I had some night one of this place and still have not upload here..
    I am so slow in this!!Nice shot tho my dear friend!!I love Tokyo!!

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